Heavy Eyes

by Heavy Eyes

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released May 22, 2017

ty carter sutherland for mixing
ty irrelevant music for the tapes



all rights reserved


Heavy Eyes Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Life Raft
the first book made you self entitled
the same book prevented any further progression
you are not special, nothing was made for you
i don't wanna hear about your book of lies

stop it!!
it's all coming down and it's coming down on you too
we'll biodegrade
we'll rot and decay
we'll all die happily

teaching your kids to be afraid of satan, he doesn't exist
telling lies about good and evil, no one ever wins
we'll all burn up in flames
we'll all sink down the same

Track Name: Away
you think you're pc but your actions don't say so
you're lookin for prey, you got powder on your nose
you're with your crew you'll each find a victim even if they say no
we won't tolerate this we'll c@ll u 0u+

get away this is a safe space
destroy the fuckboys

you've always been told you're the best you've been given everything that you want
you'll use your college funds to party with your bros
you got a fancy guitar this has gone too far you got an ego boost
this is not about picking up chicks !! this is not about getting rich !!

get away this is a safe space
no gods
no fuckboys
Track Name: Thanksgiving
invaders . . .

missionary ! ! !

at first you act a friend
you come to us for aid
you turn around and raid

missionary you taught us about the lord
at the edge of your bloody sword
decapitate our children
on your bloody mission

plymouth you're full of lies
jamestown you terrorize
fort henry you fuel our rage
our rage has come out of its cage

we'll crucify you
Track Name: The Gentry
tying our existence to a set of stereotypes
mass appeal does not nullify
imperialist nation built on stolen land by stolen people
yer god in the sky says babylon must die

diet racism
white supremacy

you're guilty of being white
your privilege doesn't exist
you think that it's alright but you're just ignorant
don't tell me to forget about slavery and oppression
when you raise a question, we'll give you a fucking lesson

using capitalism to clean up the streets
gentrification, annihilation

you listen to your daddy, and fox news
they're tellin you to kill all the liberals and the commies too
because they're demons from hell and they're comin to get ya
so run back to your church and say your little prayer
Track Name: Constellation
there is no peace there is only passion
they're afraid to use their emotions, they are out of step with reality
pretending to be the enforcers of justice
they are fueling the war

we'll plant gardens above their decaying bodies
we'll replant what they stole, revive what they killed
a new era of enchanted sustainability
enlightened beings guiding a newborn constellation